The match section offers you a flexible and reliable system for updating your website with the latest info on the available matches. You can choose between a number of options and configure the display of matches the way you like.

 Adding a match

  • In the Admin section click the Add new match button,
  • In the new page that appears insert the Title of the match and optionally the description,

  • You can attach images and you tube video clips as you like,

  • Chose the Home Team and the Away team by clicking on the arrow under the Team name label and choosing the desired option,

  • Insert the score by typing it in the fields below the chosen Home and Away team.
  • Under the Match details label chose the competition by clicking on the arrow under the competition label and selecting the competition.

  • Select the result type from the available options under the Results label,


 Optional settings

Setting the time and place of the competition

  • In the Admin section click the Edit match button,
  • Select the match you wish to Edit,
  • Scroll down to the Time & place label and click it,
  • Select the location where the match is played, if there are no locations you can check out the adding a new location tutorial here,

  • Insert the Time and date and click Save.

 Inserting player statistics

  • In the Admin section click the Edit match button,
  • Select the match you wish to Edit,
  • Scroll down and click on the Player Statistics link,

  • Chose a player from the Player drop-down box,
  • And choose a mark from the Mark drop-down box,
  • You can also insert comment in the Comment field,
  • To add a new player simply click on the Add another item button and fill the required fields,
  • When you are done inserting your data click Save.

 Setting the comments

You can set the comment settings differently for every match from the Admin section click on Edit Match button. When the new page appears select your match by clicking on the Edit button. Scroll down to the Comment Settings label, click on it and select your new settings. Click Save.

 Viewing  the match statistics

  • In the admin section click on the Match Statistics button,
  • Select the competition from the drop-down box and click Apply,

  • You can also see the statistic of the archived matches by clicking on the Archive button and selecting the match you want,
  • The page also lets you click on each team to review the information about them and offers you a shortcut to editing the match by clicking on the Statistics icon and selecting the competition on the next page.