We have given to you full freedom in rearranging and customizing your website even your menus. By simply marking a check box or a simple drag-and-drop operation you can set up your menu structure the way You like it.

To enter the Menu administration section click on the Setting button after the Menu label in the Web site region of the main admin page.

The next page displays your menu items in the order they are displayed on your web site.  

 Rearranging the main menu

To rearrange the order of the menu items move your cursor to the  icon before the menu item you want to move. Next drag and drop the item by clicking and holding your left mouse button, then dragging the item to the desired spot and releasing the mouse button. Repeat this for every other item you wish to move. When you have finished rearranging click Save.

 Enabling a menu item

To Enable or disable a menu item simply turn ON or OFF the check box at the Enable column of the item you wish to change.

 Creating a submenu

Thanks to our intuitive user interface you can very easily add submenus and move items from main menu to a submenu level. Simply mark the check box in the Expanded column at the menu item which you wish to expand, and click Save configuration. Now you can move any menu item inside the marked menu by simply dragging them below the expanded menu.

After you made the changes you wanted to, click Save configuration.