The Comments section of your web site is designed to help you manage the posts and reviews which were left by the users of your web site. You can enter this section by pressing the Settings button in the Admin section of your web site.

The Comment settings page is split up in two parts, the published comments section where you can see all the comments that have been left on your web site, and there is the Approval queue section where you can see the comments waiting to be approved and uploaded to your web site.


 Remove or unpublish comments

You can unpublish or delete any of these comments by marking the checkbox before the comment you want to edit, choosing Unpublish or delete from the Update options drop down menu and clicking Update. Note that you can mark all the comments at once by marking the checkbox in the header section above the displayed comments.


 Editing the comment

If you wish to change the content of a comment you can easily do that from the Comments section, by clicking on the Edit button after the comment you want to change. When you click the Edit button a new form appears where you can change the comment’s content, title the author or the date the comment was posted on. You can also set the comment to published or unpublished by clicking on the Administration link and selecting one of the given options.

When you are finished Editing don’t forget to click Save. You can also Preview the cnahged comment by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the screen.

 Sorting comments

There are multiple ways you can sort your comments. You can sort them by the subject of the comment, the name of the author or the post date or post time. This is done by clicking on the title of the column. Notice that when you move your cursor above the column title it changes to a hand, which means that this link is clickable. Click on any of these column titles to change the order of the comments.

Notice also that clicking on a title place a small arrow after the title name. This arrow displays the sort order which can be either descending  or ascending . You can change the sort order by clicking once more on the same title.